Pro Athletes Who’d Make Great WWE Wrestlers

Remember Shawne Merriman? Lights Out? His career was short and bright,as he had 3 All-Pro selections. Sadly he got hurt and was never able to get that explosiveness back. Interestingly Merriman signed a contract with WWE and is currently in development. This got me thinking, what other current athletes have the athleticism and the charisma to be WWE wrestlers and what cool gimmicks would they have?

1. Brian Urlacher- While a ton of football players could make the jump from NFL to WWE. (Many WWE stars were on NFL rosters like, The Rock, Golberg, JBL and Roman Reigns.) What would make Urlacher succeed is his physicality and charisma. Brian Urlacher at 6’4 250 has the ideal size and look of a superstar, plus he has the ability to instill fear in the mind of his opponent.

If he joined WWE: After he learned how to wrestle and look at the right camera while wrestling he could instantly be put in the WWE World Heavyweight championship (WWEHC) race he would probably use some type of Spear finisher that he call “Bear Down” or some other great Bear pun.

2. Zdeno Chara– One of two hockey players on this list is huge, 6’9 250, and has the ferociousness to match. He is one of best fighters in the NHL as evidenced by breaking Raitis Ivanans jaw with one punch back in 2005.

If he joined WWE: It would be really fun to see Chara check people into the ropes. He’s also Slovakian, which in WWE means Russian heel. His finisher could be a type of clothesline that can be called, “Trouble’s Bruin” or a “Cross-Check.”

3. Jared Allen- Another football player with size (6’6 270) and charisma. He also trains for MMA in the offseason.

If he joined WWE: He’d do great as a fierce American face. Should be a great brawler who would put his MMA skills to use. His finisher could be a spear to the back (like a blindside sack) that he can call “Sack Attack!”

4. Metta World Peace- Metta World Peace certainly has the size at 6’7 260 (about the same size as Bad News Barrett) and good fighting skill evidenced by the Malice at the Palace.

If he joined WWE: They could rename him Metta World War.  He could be both an intimidating and eccentric wrestler. His finisher would be called the “Slam Dunk Slam”.

5. Richard Sherman- Tall and powerful, but Richard Sherman would really be valuable to WWE with his mouth.

If he joined WWE:  He would really appreciate it if his character was a thug. He could also cut beautiful promos: ” Well I’m the best wrestler in the game, and if you try me with a sorry wrestler like John Cena, THOSE ARE THE RESULTS YOU GONNA GET!” You’d give him leg submission as a finisher and call  it the “Lockdown Corner.” Could be a great heel Intercontinental champion.

6. J.J. Watt- He’s big, fast and most of all intimidating. He doesn’t have the charisma of Urlacher or Allen, but he could still do well with an American tough guy gimmick. (similar to Allen’s)

If he joined WWE: He could compete for WWEHC with an uppercut  signature move called the J.J. Swatt and a finisher called the Wisconsin Wallop.

7. Sean Thornton- Sean Thornton is one of the best fighters fighters in hockey, and is known as a tough eccentric character.

If he joined WWE: Reasonably sized at 6’2 217 he could be one of those brawlers who love to fight. (Like Sheamus) His finisher could be like a punch called the “Glove Drop Punch.”

8. Brandon Meriweather- This hard hitting pint sized (5’11 200) safety game would be ideal for the WWE.

If he joined WWE: He would be a good heel that could compete for the US title. He’d be described as a headhunter and his finisher would be called the “Safety Blitz.”

9. Brian Wilson- At 6’2 and a thick 205 Wilson has enough size to be contender, but it’s his beard and his personality that would put him over.

If he joined WWE: He could fit in perfectly with the Wyatt Family. His finisher could be a kick to the neck called “High Heat.”

10. DeAndre Jordan-  The WWE is currently lacking young big men, and the 6’11 265 big man could easily change that.

If he joined WWE: He’d be the big guy that’s hard to eliminate in Battle Royales and Royal Rumblesbut he also has some personality that could lead to him wearing a belt. His finisher could be called the “Clipper Whipper.”

Honorable Mentions

Mark Cuban: Would be an epic manager.

LeBron James- Two words: Whiny heel.

Hope Solo- She’d destroy the divas division until…

Brittney Griner joins.


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