Put Him in the HOF: Johnny Robinson

This is the third part of a four part series looking at which NFL Players should be put in the Hall of Fame.

The 1960’s Kansas City Chiefs Defense is loaded with Hall of Famers. From Buck Buchanan and Curley Culp on the D-Line to Willie Lanier and Bobby Bell at Linebacker, and Emmitt Thomas at Corner, this Defense was stacked and one of the best ever. But one guy who people tend to forget about is Safety Johnny Robinson. Before we compare Johnny to to other players of that time lets see how he compares to his own teammate Emmitt Thomas. Emmitt Thomas beats Johnny on interceptions 58-57 but Emmitt also had 3 more seasons on defense to do it. The kicker comes when you look at Pro-Bowls and All-Pro selections. Johnny had 6 All-Pro selections and 7 Pro Bowls compared to Emmitt’s 1 All-Pro and 5 Pro Bowls.  Another tidbit is that Johnny Robinson was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame before any other member of the Chiefs defense besides Jerry Mays.  This shows that people in the organization thought very highly of him.

The man most similar to Johnny Robinson is Hall of Famer Willie Wood. Willie had 5 All Pro selections and 8 Pro Bowls which compare nicely to Robinson’s  numbers. Robinson and Wood also have the exact same AV according to pro-football-reference. In fact, Johnny Robinson has more All-Pro selections than Larry Wilson, Emlen Tunnell, or even Paul Krause. He is also a Super Bowl Champion and an AFL champion. Many people believe that the only reason that Robinson isn’t in the Hall of Fame is because he played in the AFL for most of his career. It would be silly not to elect one one of the best safeties of all-time just because he payed in the AFL, considered a slightly inferior league. One person who believes Johnny Robinson should be in the HOF is Hall of Fame WR Lance Alworth who said, “He was the best defensive back I ever played against.  He’s my man.” There have been plenty of AFL players who’ve dominated the NFL after the merger like Willie Brown, Bob Griese, and Floyd Little. Putting Johnny Robinson in the Hall would be a great way to honor one of the best safeties of his time.

So put him in the HOF.

You can read the previous ones here: Jim Benton and Duke Slater




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