Fun Things to do in Sports Video Games

Face it. Every true sports fan loves a good sports video game. One of the great things about them is there are so many little things you can do with them besides play your friends, play a season, or create a player that looks like you with 99 everything and dominate. Here are 7 fun things you can do on a sports video game that you haven’t thought of doing yet.

1. Distribute the ball on Madden: I’ve played Madden all my life and I feel I’ve accomplished some pretty mind boggling achievements. I’ve gotten 900 receiving yards with Randy Moss in a game. I got 1000 rushing yards in a game with Marshall Faulk. But one of my favorite accomplishments is having 27 different players on my team  have a reception in a single game. I decided to embark on the mission because you would get a lot of tokens for Madden Cards (Bring them back EA!) for having 7 different players with a reception. But of course I had to take this to the extreme. First I hit all 5 WRs, 3 TEs, 3RBs, and my fullback, then I realized that on fake FGs you can hit you LT2 and the holder, this allowed me to hit 8 more players (3 tackles, 3 qbs, kicker and punter) bringing up my total to 20. The final and hardest part was hitting the gunners who were DBs with the punter. Throw in the eligible special teamers and I was able to get 27 different receivers. It should be possible to hit much more with advanced package options in some editions in Madden but it remains to be seen if someone can hit all 53 men on the roster with a reception.

2. Be Boring in 2K14: When most people start their MyCareer, they generally focus on scoring points and being a play maker. Instead try being the most boring, maddeningly efficient player ever. Pass the ball and try to get 15 assists every game. Answer all media questions in the most cliche way possible and you will be on your way to being the greatest, most boring player ever! (In other words Tim Duncan.)

3. Create weird teams in 2K: We’ve all created the super team in 2K with all the greats. But have you should make a team of all Iverson’s and play against a team of Shaq’s? So many questions emerge. How will Shaq get up and down the court? Will Shaq just get every rebound? How many steals will Iverson get? The possibilities are endless: Your girlfriend who sucks at 2K with a team of Kyries vs an experienced player with a team of Omri Casspis; A team of Yao Mings vs a team of Muggsy Bogues. This is something you can get real creative with.

4. Create Your least favorite celebrity in a fighting video game: Sick and tired of Bieber’s douchebaggery, just create him in UFC with zeroes in everything and beat the crap out of him. Or better yet, create him in WWE and have him go against the Undertaker and chokeslam him through the Hell in the Cell. You could also create Tupac and have him go against Biggie in a TLC match. You could have Iggy Azalea fight Nicki Minaj at WrestleMania. Again the possibilities are endless.

5. Take the Mike Vick Challenge: (Idea presented by Luke) Michael Vick in Madden 04 is the most dominant athlete in video game history and the QB sweep was a play that fit him like a glove. See how many consecutive TD runs using only the QB sweep play with Mike Vick. Luke’s record is 8.

6. Run a sim: Playing video games are fun, but sometimes it’s neat to see what happen when you let the game do its thing. A lot of people may run a Madden sim or a 2K sim before the season as a way of making projections, but there are so many things you can do to throw a wrench in the sim. For example what would happen if you trade all your best players for draft picks and and sim the next 3 years and see how talented your team is. Some of the best simulations are done by Join Bois over at SBNation. He simulated how a team with Young Kobe and Current Kobe on the same team would do, and simulated the “Death of Basketball” by creating draft classes with nothing but all zero rated players. You can check out his work here.

7. Design awesome/awful uniforms: Back in the day, I used to love playing Madden 05. I played as the Eagles and had myself as a super running back. One day I decided to change my teams uniforms and decided to make the Eagle’s new colors pink and baby blue. I have no clue why. Sadly the NFL asked Madden to remove the feature of  sweeping changes to a NFL teams uniform. But you can still make creative uniforms in the Create-A-Team Mode.

8. Be your own announcer: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms suck at commentary in Madden 25. Mute the volume grab a buddy and announce the game yourself.

9. (Update!) Create contradictory players: Create a player who’s size and skill set don’t match. For example in a WWE game make a 7″2′ high-flying giant who can do a shooting star press, create a 210 lb lineman with 99 blocking, or create a 6″2′ center with perfect rebounding and defense. This could glitch up some games but its always fun to see what matters most in the world of sports video games: size or skill.

What fun creative things did you do in sports video games? Leave a comment or tweet them at @PSFBlog on Twitter.





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