Ben Maller’s Guide to Cleveland Fandom

In case you didn’t know Ben Maller hates Cleveland for some reason. Here are some examples from his twitter: @BenMaller.

Ben Maller believes that a player who created 54% more runs than the average player which is 2nd for OF in the AL isn’t worthy to be an All-Star. He is also 4th in OBP, 4th in slugging and 3rd in WAR. But to him that’s not good enough, he actually had the the nerve, and lack of brain to call him overrated. Seriously Ben you should take time to enjoy one of baseball class acts rather than bash him just because he plays in a city you irrationally hate. And besides, how can you not like a guy nicknamed Dr. Smooth?

I fail to understand how Cleveland is a “Pathetic sports city.” We are clearly a passionate sports city. While our attendance of our teams aren’t as good as we’d like, (I blame the economy) we always have our ways of supporting our team. It’s hard to walk through downtown Cleveland without seeing someone in a Manziel Jersey or a tribe hat. And when the economy is good we’ve shown our support for the Tribe by selling out 455 consecutive home games. (Maybe the reason not many people go to Indians game is because Tom Hamilton is just so good at calling games.) And of course we support our Browns despite the fact that they win 5 games a year. And seriously just because Corey Kluber didn’t win a fan vote doesn’t mean we’re bad fans. Were actually great fans on twitter judging by our #Whiff ranking. The only reason Sale won was because he plays for Chicago which has a far more populous fan base.

Ben Maller has called the people of Cleveland hoodlums, he called Cleveland women fat, and described Cleveland as a war zone and a reclaimed swampland. Does this man have anything nice to say about Cleveland? Just because some guys burned there LeBron jerseys on national TV doesn’t mean there whole city is filled with delinquents. I’ve seen the burning of Ray Allen jerseys, Robinson Cano jerseys, Matt Schaub jerseys and Ben Maller’s own Los Angeles Lakers fans burning Dwight Howard jerseys but according to Ben Maller only the citizens of Cleveland are deliquents.  Ben Maller acts like no one should ever want to come to Cleveland yet the GOP is holding their national convention here. (Don’t give a “Dying Party in a dying city argument, Nate Silver project the GOP to gain at least 5 seats this upcoming election.) And remember, in the words of Mike Polk, “At least we’re not Detroit, WE’RE NOT DETROIT!”

Wow the Cleveland Browns won’t let national media in to see their minicamp. Perhaps it’s to keep people like you from entering. Has the national media ever wanted to come to the Brown’s rookie minicamp before? No, these people just want access to Johnny Manziel so they can write dumb articles about Manziel while licking his chops. Another writer named Bart Hubbach wrote one of the worst articles I’ve ever read about this situation. The whole article was him complaining about how the Browns were stupid for keeping national media out of rookie minicamp. The Browns don’t need any national media to write sub-par articles about the Browns, we already have Mary Kay Cabot to do that.

In conclusion there is no reason for anyone to hate Cleveland sports. It’s ridiculous that some people like Ben Maller think that just because our teams normally suck, it mean that the fan suck as well. In fact, Ben Maller takes this so far he actually  believes that the fans are responsible for Cleveland’s sports team lack of winning.

Ben might say all of these tweets are just jokes, but they are not funny. They are rude considering he doesn’t make jokes about any other city but our own. Ben has taken taken his jokes much further than the usual “Cleveland sucks at sports, lol,” by insulting our fans, our women, and our citizens. This type of rude trolling is old and needs to be stopped.  Our fans persevere through losing seasons and we deserve to be respected. So please share this article with friends and tweet this @BenMaller (Especially if you know you haven’t been blocked already by him) and hopefully he’ll tone down the Anti-Cleveland tweets.

Roll Tribe! Go Browns! Go Cavs!

-Paul Duncan



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