My Fantasy Football Horror Story

Last year I decided to play my very first fantasy football league for money. It was a only a $30 entry and I was confident I would win the $200 1st place prize or at least the $50 runner up because I would dominate those ESPN leagues. The weird thing about this season was that I was one of the best teams in the league but because  freakish tiebreakers, an injury, and some all around bad performances by my studs left me with out a playoffs and cost me 50 bucks because I would have won the first playoff game but lost in the finals.

There were two weeks left until the playoffs and I was sitting pretty at 8-4 and the team behind me was only 6-6, plus I was second in points scored in the whole league.  The next two weeks my team went kaput, with all of my key contributors putting up disappointing numbers. I lost both games, either of which would have put me in the playoffs, and the guy behind me won both games putting us both at 8-6. For some reason the division record is the first tiebreaker for the division winner, which I lost. But I thought its OK I have the best record out of all non division winners, I’ll just take the Wild Card. Than to my utter shock and dismay I saw that the tiebreaker for wild-card was total points scored, which should of been OK considering I knew I was either going to be #2 or #3 but I saw that the team that was number 2 was a 6-8 that had scored .35 more points than me over the whole season. POINT ZERO THREE FIVE!  This was a PPR league so one of my WRs could have had a -6 yard reception and I would have made the playoffs! And I got beat out by a team that went SIX AND EIGHT! Plus if you consider the fact that my division leader had 150 less points over the whole season than me! All you needed to do was switch the tiebreakers and I’d be in! To make things crazier, all of this could have been irrelevant if I just won this one game earlier in the season.

It mid-season and I was going against the best team in the league, The Juggernauts. I had my best player Calvin Johnson as well as Julius Thomas on a bye. The Juggernauts put up the best game the league has seen all year putting up an unreal 161 points before Monday Night, when the average score was about 110. Every single one of his players had a great week putting up crazy numbers. But I also had an amazing week spearheaded by 30 point games by Gronk, Zac Stacy and a 20 point game by Stevan Ridley. Both of WRs and my D/ST did great as well leaving me with 155 points the second best total  that the league has seen. But there was Monday night, where I had my stud QB playing. Surely he will put up the 7 points necessary to win this intense game, heck, he could get 7 points in the first quarter. But sadly my QB was Aaron Rodgers and this was the week he got hurt in the first quarter against the Bears before he could get the points needed to win. Yes I lost a game 161-158 without having my QB even finish the first quarter. You see why this is a horror story? What are the odds that all this stuff could happen? If could have just won that game I’d be richer. If I just scored .4 more fantasy points, I’d be richer. If the darn tiebreaker rules were different, I’d be richer.  This freak occurrence taught me that sometimes Fantasy football can come down to luck, and in this case, really, really bad luck.

Do you have any fantasy football tragedy of your own? Share it in the comment box below or tweet them @PSFBlog.




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