Our Mock Draft.

1-5 mock

Round 1: Luke: I took Graham because he was the Best player available and he had the highest x-rating ( the difference between the amount of points the player you take gains over the worst staring player at that position.) I don’t prefer to take a TE in the first round but I felt that could get value later in the draft.

Paul: I love the 6th spot this year. You either end up with Forte, Lacy or Megatron and none of those are bad choices. I keep going back and forth over which of these guys I would take if they were all available but for now I have Forte, Johnson, Lacy.

Round 2: Luke: Giovani Bernard is probably my favorite pick of the draft. He gets lots of catches and will be the feature back with lots of upside. With no BenJarvis Green-Ellis to worry about, Bernard is set to load up the stat book with twenty-five plus touches per game. The one problem is that his touchdowns may not be as high as I like, as he is a poor version of Barry Sanders at the very best, which is one of the best compliments a running back can get.

Paul: The good luck continues as I nab one of the 6 elite WRs. Another reason I love this six spot, it gives you the chance to nab one of the 5 elite RBs was well as one of the 6 elite WRs. So far I’m psyched because I was the only team in the league to do that.

Round 3: Luke: Bishop Sankey is the rookie Doug Martin of this year. He is the most productive running back in this year’s draft class and with a good line to run behind. I just have a really good feeling about him. He’s the right man in the right system at the right time. The Titans are a team on the rise (can Jake Locker play a full season?!?) and there is at least one rookie running back that bursts onto the scene in every fantasy football season. Archbishop Sankey seems to be the most likely candidate for the job.

Paul: I was really targeting CJ Spiller as a high upside RB2 but he was taken right before my pick. I decided against Stacy because I don’t like his low YPC and the fact that the Rams drafted Tre Mason in the 3rd round. I decided to go with V-Jax. He had a great year with Freeman and Glennon as his QB and should improve or maintain with Josh McCown despite Mike Evans vulturing a few TDs.

Round 4: Luke: Keenan Allen was my first wide receiver taken. The wide receiver pick was a no-brainer for this round. I needed to take my first receiver while there was still some players with great past production with upside on the board. I was torn between Allen and Wes Welker but ended up going with the younger guy who happens to be the number one target on the Chargers (Welker is the number 2 target with Demaryius Thomas ahead of him in Denver and Julius Thomas the primary red-zone touchdown maker). Plus Allen is way ahead of the great wide receiver production scale based on his terrific rookie performance. Most rookies do not find their groove until their third season. Allen even put up better statistics as the season went on. I can’t wait to see what he will do in his sophomore campaign.

Paul: I reached a bit for my guy here. I really didn’t like any of the options at RB as I figured correctly that some of my targets would be available at round 5. It should be fine as I believe this is the year that Andrew Luck jumps to the fantasy elite.

Round 5: Matt Ryan taken in the fifth round was a bit of a reach. I will be the first to admit this. And Paul was quick to tell me that the word “reach” was a huge understatement. The Falcons are still banking on Steven Jackson to carry the running game. As a running back over thirty years old with lots of mileage, Jackson will have another underwhelming year and this will force Atlanta to disproportionately go to the air once again. This year will be a different, as he regains his Matty Ice form. The biggest reason is that the Falcons have Julio Jones and Roddy White back and fully healthy. Expect big things fantasy wise for Ryan despite my unnecessary reach.

Paul: I like Trent Richardson this year but I’m not entirely comfortable with him as my RB2. I really hope a full offseason and training camp to go along with an easy schedule will help Trent Richardson produce at the levels he is capable of.

6-10 mock

Round 6 Luke:  this is the only rookie receiver that will get more than 1000 yards. I know many people point out that rookie receivers rarely produce big numbers, but there is an average of 1 or 2 receivers per year that do produce from the first year of their careers on, just like AJ Green and Julio Jones. I believe that Watkins is in this same class.

Paul: I was shocked T.Y Hilton fell to me.  There was only a 14% shot of this happening and I took advantage of it. I know T.Y Hilton can be hit or miss but I’m OK with it considering that he would only be my WR3. It should be fun watching Andrew Luck throw to him and he could be in line for a breakout year. It is kind of bad that I have the Colts QB, RB, and WR though.

Round 7-8 Luke: Seeing Kendall Wright still on the board, to borrow from Paul’s earlier paragraph, was indeed train robbery. He has steadily progressed in each of his first two years in Tennessee. Last year he gained over 1000 yards but only had 2 touchdowns. He will surely improve those touchdown numbers this year and could have a top ten receiver type year if Jake ‘The Hurt’ Locker stays healthy. Danny Woodhead gives me a valuable flex option with consistent fantasy scoring of around nine points per week. I’ll take that production from a low round pick any day.

Paul: I wasn’t very pleased with my selection of Lamar Miller originally, but than I read that Bill Lazor wants to use him like LeSean McCoy. That certainly is quite the opportunity, I just hope he has the talent to take advantage. I still wish I could have better at the RB3. Christine Michael was taken because I believe Marshawn lynch will bust. I’ll let Walt from WalterFootball (the site I hope Pro Style Football can become) explain that here. I also think Marshawn Lynch could be saved for the postseason a la Kaepernick’s running ability. Either way Michael is a high upside RB4.

Round 9-10 Luke: Khiry Robinson, Carolina’s D- Ooooops! Did I really pick Khiry Robinson? Yes I did, but was totally going for Dwayne Bowe. Stupid technology these days. But I get what I deserve. Robinson will catch a few passes from Brees but is nothing but a fantasy bench player at best.

Paul Got my favorite late round TE besides Greg Olsen here. Feel that Rudolph can breakout under Norv Turner like Jordan Cameron did. Then I nabbed Anquan Boldin in the 10th round which is absolute money in the bank. I don’t like drafting SF players just because they have so many decent skill positions, but Anquan Boldin has proven to be the most consistent of them all. He will get his points despite the overrated Crabtree’s return.

11-15 mock

Round 11-15 Luke: I believe Tre Mason will snatch a few more carries away from Zac Stacy than people think. Mason is my Alfred Morris honorary ‘what if’ pick. Just like Morris unexpectedly got the starting job in 2012 over a trendy Roy Helu and Evan Royster, the same could happen for Mason, especially if Stacy tweaks himself in camp or underperforms. The rest of my picks are very ho-hum. Austin could be the main target in the passing game this year. That is not saying a whole lot, though. That’s the same for James Jones. He is a great red zone receiver but he also had Aaron Rodgers throwing back shoulder bullets on the goal line. Again, the Raider offense is capable of very little, and Jones will not put up Packer numbers with Matt Schaub at QB. But in case of a few injuries, Jones is a veteran fantasy replacement. After drafting Manziel, I immediately release him and pick up Ryan Tannehill off waivers. Don’t ask me why I drafted him.

Paul: I nabbed Jarrett Boykin who has real upside in the Packers offense. He could reach 1000 yard and 6 TDs. In the 12th round I nabbed Zach Ertz as a potential backup to Rudolph with some upside. I then took Houston in the 13th. I really like HOU D with the addition of Clowney and an easier schedule. I took my favorite kicker of all time in the 14th, Phil Dawson. I probably should have nabbed Mason Crosby but I just love Phil. It said my 15th pick was Willie Snead but I tried to take Josh Gordon. I figure if Gordon only gets suspended 6-8 games he is worth a shot in the final frame.

Paul: In all I loved my draft. I got a stud RB, WR, and QB. My only weakness is at the RB2 spot (isn’t that everyone’s weakness?)  where I’m hesitant to believe Richardson can hold down that spot. But I’m stacked at WR and I have a stud QB. I figure my team is playoff bound and one of the favorites..

Luke: I took a few gambles but I put myself in good position to surprise as I had a distinct plan in this mock draft to go with the biggest bounce-back potential quarterback (Ryan) and surround him with young, huge-upside guys (Wright, Bernard, Sankey, Watkins, Allen). A roster like this could get me a two seed in the playoffs or it could blow up in my face as I also could end up 4-9 and watching the playoffs from the couch.






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