Unpopular Opinion: I’d Rather have Tony Romo than Big Ben in Clutch Situations

Tony Romo has become a joke nowadays due to his hilarious, unfortunate choking. The concept of Tony Romo not being clutch is incorrect.  Tony Romo is a good QB and he’s clutch. In order to prove my point I’ll answer all the common objections to the statement and show you why the common objections are wrong. And for fun I’m going to compare Romo to a more “clutch” QB like Ben Roethlisberger.

“Tony Romo hasn’t made the playoffs in forever.” Over the past 4 seasons the Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs. In those years the cowboys defense finished 26th, 24th, 16th and 31th in points allowed.  The last time he made the playoffs back in 2009 their defense was 2nd in points allowed and 9th in yards allowed. In comparison during the seasons of Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl appearances his defense finished 1st, 1st and 3rd in points allowed. I feel people tend to forget there are 23 (21 plus kicker and punter) other players on the team that make a difference besides the quarterback.

“Tony Romo sucks in the fourth quarter.” This statement is 100% false. Take a look at Romo’s fourth quarter stats in close games when compared to Ben Roethlisberger’s.

Year CMP% Y/A TDs Int Sacks
2013 68.3 8.65 8 4 6
2012 64.6 7.48 5 2 5
2011 60.8 8.55 6 2 3
2010 60 6.76 2 3 0
2009 54.5 9.55 4 1 2
2008 64.1 8.56 4 1 2
2007 62.5 9.5 6 3 8
Year CMP% Y/A TDs Int Sacks
2013 57.6 7.56 3 0 2
2012 59.7 6.88 3 2 8
2011 50 7.13 2 2 9
2010 48.6 7.37 1 0 7
2009 60.2 7.92 4 0 9
2008 60 7.02 4 4 8
2007 63.3 7.27 2 1 7

From 2011-2013 Tony Romo was clearly better than Big Ben during the fourth quarter. 2010 Romo missed half the season and Ben missed a 4 games so we can throw that year out. 2009 is to close to call but I’d give the edge to Romo. Romo was also clearly better from 2007-2008. If Romo is a choker in the fourth quarter then Ben Roethlisberger died of asphyxiation years ago.

“Did you not see Ben Roethlisberger’s drive against the Cardinals in Super Bowl in Super Bowl 43? That was the definition of clutch. Well that drive was clutch it was only one moment.” Tony Romo has put up tons of game winning drives throughout his career, in fact he has more game winning drives than Roethlisberger per year in his career, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to do it during the Super Bowl.


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