Who should be the Last Pick in Fantasy Football?

Having the last pick in the draft is like an honor. You have the ability to make any pick in the world and have it be worth it. There are many different routes you can go. I will rate them by their lol factor, notoriety, and surprise factor. In addition I will add their value in a scale of 1-10. 1 meaning the guy is dead and 10 meaning the guys as value as some RB you’d take in the last round like James White.

1. Aaron Hernandez Lol Factor: 10 Notoriety: 10 Surprise: 4 Value: 2

He killed multiple people. Everyone hates him. He is also owned in 0.7% of leagues so drafting him won’t be as big of a surprise as it is for others. There is a chance he can break out of prison, and make fantasy contributions on the run.

2. Josh Gordon Lol Factor: 9 Notoriety: 8 Surprise: 5 Value: 3

When making this pick act like you don’t know he’s suspended for the year. They’ll think that you’re dumb then they will underestimate you.

3. Tim Tebow Lol Factor: 8 Notoriety: 10 Surprise: 1 Value: 7

He’s owned in 1.5% of leagues so it will surprise no one if you take him. But sadly everyone hates him. We all know that Tim will take the Rams to the playoffs this year while posting good stats so might as well take him.

4. Chad Johnson Lol Factor: 6 Notoriety: 6 Surprise: 9 Value: 6

Has a strange I remember him feel to him. Can be a contributor in a CFL league.

5.  T.J. Houshmandzadeh Lol Factor: 10 Notoriety: 3 Surprise: 9 Value: 3

TJ Who’s your mama.

6. Randy Moss or Terrell Owens Lol Factor: 6 Notoriety: 9 Surprise: 2 Value: 5

Moss is owned in 0.7% of leagues and Owens is owned owned in 1%. You should just draft both because that would be amazing in 2007. They should try to make an NFL comeback together. It’d be great TV.

7. Chris Greisen or Todd Bouman Lol Factor: 3 Notoriety: 0 Surprise: 10 Value: 3

Chris Greisen has not taken an NFL snap since 2000 but is available in ESPN leagues due to him being on the Cowboys practice squad in 2011. Todd Bouman had six diferent stints as the Jaguars backup. These guys are great if all the people in your league are super football nerds.

8. Donavan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper Lol Factor: 8 Notoriety: 7  Surprise: 5 Value: 4

Both QBs have ownage rates under 0.4% and both are known for doing dumb stuff. Win-win.

9. John Kasey Lol Factor: 5 Notoriety: 1 Surprise: 9 Value: 7

He’s is rated as the worst player in all of fantasy on ESPN’s draft board. I wonder if its anyone’s job to determine the difference between the 899th best fantasy player compared to 944th. I really hope so. I’d love to hear a a great debate about Ray Agnew’s value compared to Bethel McLeod- Thompson’s.

10 Phillip Supernaw Lol Factor: 9  Notoriety: 2 Surprise: 9 Value: 6

Hey guys lets make a 20 team draft using only players with a G in there name.

Me:  Supernaw


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