NFL Predictions

Last year was a great year for amateur NFL predictors as the Seahawks and Broncos went to the Super Bowl just like everyone thought. I did well last year  nailing 9 out of 12 playoff picks right including nailing the Eagles and the Chiefs. The only teams I missed were the Chargers, like everyone, the 49ers, I seriously had the Bucs at the 6 seed, and had the Falcons instead the Panthers. Lets see if I can top that.

AFC East:

1. Patriots

2. Dolphins

3. Jets

4. Bills

Pats are going to win easy again. One team that interested me is the Dolphins. I feel their offense could take strides under Bill Lazor’s new offense. Jets could contend. Bills might end up being one of the worst teams in the league.

AFC North

1. Bengals

2. Ravens*

3. Browns

4. Steelers

I really like the Bengals this year. They are team that is dominant at home and have a great defense, a good QB to WR combo and a promising running game. If they can get home field advantage throughout the playoff they could be deadly. The Ravens are team that I feel are prime candidate to breakout. Joe Flacco has some new weapons and a Harbaugh coached team is always a threat. I feel the Browns will have some exciting wins and finish with the same record as the Steelers. The Steelers defense isn’t threatening like it used to be so I’m expecting a little worse than consistent mediocrity.

1. Colts

2. Texans *

3. Titans

4. Jaguars

The Colts are a team that could finisher with an amazing regular season record. They have an easier schedule and I feel this is the year Andrew Luck takes his game to the next level. The only thing is that I don’t trust there defense to take them far into the playoffs. Texans will this years Chiefs. Catapulted by an easy schedule an a great defense despite a mediocre QB. Titans are a real dark horse if Jake Locker can stay healthy. Ken Whisenhunt has a way to make OK teams good. Jaguars will be better and escape being the joke of the NFL but they still got a year or two to goo before contending.

1. Broncos

2. Chargers

3. Chiefs

4. Raiders

The Broncos will contend in the postseason but the regular season will be a little more difficult with a tougher schedule. Will get 11 wins but not much more than that. The Chargers will hang around in the wild card picture because of Philip Rivers. The Chiefs will decline without the easy schedule but should still be decent. The Raiders will likely be a disaster.

NFC East

1. Cowboys

2. Eagles

3. Giants

4. Redskins

The NFC East is always a toss-up so I’ll go with the team with the best QB. This division could get ugly with the winner only winning 8 or nine games. Chip Kelly’s Eagles will come down to Earth a bit, but they still have hope for the future. The Redskins and Giants will be awful.

NFC North

1. Packers

2. Lions

3. Bears

4. Vikings

Packers are the best in this division. They can make a deep playoff run. I really like how Peppers played against the Seahawks. He was really making his presence felt. The Lions will take a step further into contention with Calvin Johnson healthy. (He played much of last season with finger issues.) I feel the Bears are overrated. Everyone just Hypes the Forte, Marshall, Jeffrey combo. They don’t have much defense to back the offense up. The Vikings will be fun to watch because of Adrian Peterson and CorDarrelle Patterson.

NFC South

1. Saints

2. Falcons *

3. Panthers

4. Buccaneers

This will be a very competitive division. Saints will win with there amazing offense and a D reinforced by Jairus Byrd. They also got a favoorable schedule getting some of their tougher opponents at home. (Packers, San Fran, Cincy) Falcons are bound to make a comeback. Jake Matthews will really help that O-Line. THe Panthers DBs and WRs are awful but everything else is good. This year could be a disaster for them. Don’t count out the Bucs. They have a lot of good pieces.

NFC West

1. Seahawks

2. Cardinals*

3. 49ers

4. Rams

All four of these teams can make the playoffs. I went with the Cardinals due to there great coaching staff, stifling defense, and experienced QB. I don’t like the 49ers due to Smith’s suspension and McDonald’s issues. There secondary is also weak so they’ll have a tough time defeating good passing teams. I would have picked the Rams to go to the playoffs if it weren’t for Bradford’s injury. I just don’t know what to expect from Shaun Hill. The Rams D-Line will win lots of games for them.

AFC Seeds

1. Patriots

2. Colts

3. Broncos

4. Bengals

5. Texans

6. Ravens

NFC Seeds

1. Saints

2. Packers

3. Seahawks

4. Dallas

5. Falcons

6. Cardinals

WC Weekend

Seahawks over Cardinals. Can’t beat the Seahawks at home.

Cowboys over Falcons. Tony Romo wins a playoff game. You heard it here first folks.

Bengals over Texans. Andy Dalton wins a playoff game. This guy is crazy.

Broncos beat Ravens. This one will be a fun rematch of that epic divisional playoff back in 2012.


Packers over Seahawks. This game will be epic. Packer will win off Rodgers heroics.

Saints over Cowboys. The score will be like 49-45. And the media will blame Tony Romo no matter what happens.

Bronco beat Colts. Manning vs Luck will end with Luck putting forth his best effort but Manning will destroy that suspect D in his old home.

Patriots beat Bengals. Nice run Cincy but this the Patriots year.

Championship Game

Packers over Saints. Home field advantage can be so key in the playoff but Rodgers overcomes in a second straight epic game for the Packers.

Patriots over Broncos. You know because Peyton Manning can’t play in cold weather. Just kidding it has more to do with Darrelle Revis shutting down Demaryius Thomas.

Super Bowl

Patriots over Packers. Brady cements his legacy with an exciting win over the Packers.

MVP: Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is good. Aaron Rodgers playing fast will put up MVP-like numbers.

DPOY. Robert Quinn. The voters love sacks and Quinn can get a lot of them. JJ Watt will remain dominant.

OROY Bishop Sankey. He’ll be this year’s Doug Martin.

DPOY Aaron Donald. He’ll edge out Clowney by being more consistent.

Rushing leader: Adrian Peterson. Especially if Cassell can get a decent passing game to keep the strong safety out of the box

Receiving leader: Calvin Johnson. Because he’s the greatest.



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