Add Drop for Week 11


1. CJ Anderson- There really doesn’t seem any home run adds this week, so I’ll start with CJ Anderson. CJ Anderson had a great game against Oakland (doesn’t everybody) and could get more looks going forward. the only issue is that Montee Ball will be coming back soon.

2. Bryce Brown- Was able to get 6 catches along with 7 carries. Seems like he’s worth an add. Though Fred Jackson’s role will be increased as he gets healthier.

3. Jarvis Landry- Landry looks like someone you should add if you are having WR issues. Led all Dolphins in targets last week.

4. Mychal Rivera- If you’re TE isn’t Gronk, Graham, Thomas, or Olsen you should probably pickup and start Rivera.

5. Chargers D- They have Oakland at home followed by the Rams before going to the toughest part of there schedule. Worth a start the next 2 weeks.

6. Jordan Matthews- Seems to gel with Sanchez, but I usually don’t trust players who are only third options.


1.  Carson Palmer- The bad news: He tore his ACL. The Good News: He just signed a 3 year extension.

2. Marques Colston- Has 3 straight games with less than 5 points.




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