Looking back at my Fantasy Football Predictions.

Fantasy Football is something I take a lot of pride in. So after every year I like to take a look back at the predictions I made in writing and the decisions I made in my leagues.

This year I was part of two fantasy leagues (one for money) and in both I finished in 2nd place in both leagues. The one consistent I had for both leagues was my QB Andrew Luck. I was right about everything with Andrew Luck. I saw an easy schedule, weapons and a shaky run game landing Luck in the elite fantasy tier. His performance was key to me getting to the playoffs. Sadly though Andrew Luck is the reason I finished second as his 0 point Week 16 killed his owners shots at a the gold. This was one of my best predictions and its a shame that he had to collapse like he did against the Cowboys. Plus I predicted value from Aaron Rodgers, a decline for Manning, great play from Romo and Wilson, and a decline

On the RB side of things I wasn’t as good. 2 of my favorite RBs stunk in CJ Spiller and Doug Martin. Plus I was down on players like DeMarco Murray, Marshawn Lynch and LeVeon Bell. (The reason for my distrust for Bell was because I assumed he’d get suspended for driving while high and having 20 grams.) But I did do well in my leagues due to to quantity having McCoy, Bernard, Ellington, and Jackson, or in the case of one of my leagues having Lacy, Bell, and Forsett.

At WR I loved Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson and liked Antonio Brown. On my team I had Bryant and Sanders so I did well predicting these guys. One thing I was rather disappointed in was my lack of excitement over Odell Beckham. I was only able to add him in one of my leagues and it was late to say the least. In the other league my rival nabbed him and was key to him winning the gold.

My favorite TEs this past year were Rob Gronkowski and Greg Olsen. The late round TEs I liked were Rudolph and Pitta but sadly they got hurt.

I hit the nail on the head with my defenses. Throughout the year I rotated my defenses to perfection. I started with the Eagles, went to the Browns during the stretch of games where they went against the scum of the league, then picked up the Bill defense before they got hot and rotated between the Bills and Texans for the last half of the year. I had 10 points on defense a majority of the year and it was beautiful.

Overall I feel my predictions were very good, and clearly better than the average fantasy sports writer, especially with my QB predictions.


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