This is Pro Style Football a blog that will explore football analytics, and other fun stuff about the game of football and occasionally other stuff. This Blog will be run by two wonderful people, Paul Duncan and Quentin Ison.

Paul Duncan: Sports runs deep for this young man, as legend has it, that he started reading the Sports page in the Plain Dealer by the age of three. He immediately fell in love with Cleveland sports. His elementary days were spent pondering David Riske’s ERA and admiring Kellen Winslow’s athleticism. As he got older his precious baseball innocence was taken away after the Indians traded CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee in back to back years. His focus then turned more towards football especially the play calling aspect of it. He is famous for writing a 500 play Chip Kelly inspired playbook by the age of 12. Now he’s a student at Bowling Green State University volunteering with their athletic department. You can reach him by tweeting @TheFootPaul.

Quentin Ison- My Name is Quentin Ison.  I am currently a Senior at Bowling Green State University studying Broadcast Journalism.  I am member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity where I am in charge of the running both social and recruitment chairman positions.  From a young age, I became fascinated with sports starting with My love of mark McGwire and his chase to break the home run record, and knew I had needed to pursue a career in journalism.   I am a co-host of the radio show,  4th and Goal  on Falcon Radio WFAL, which airs Tuesdays from 4 to 6.  Listen at falconradio.org.  I am a Columbus, Ohio native and I am currently 21 years old.

Founder, Former Writer and occasional contributor

Luke Ackerman: Born in the small Northern Ohio town of Sheffield in 1993, Luke’s young childhood was spent playing baseball and watching the Jim Thome era Cleveland Indians outslug their opponents. When the Browns were brought back to Cleveland, he immediately followed the team each week and increased his interest in the NFL as each year passed. He acquired a strong analytical and trivial interest of the NFL rarely seen in the average fan. This was greatly aided by watching classic NFL Primetime on ESPN (when it only featured Chris Berman and Tom Jackson). Luke played baseball, basketball, and football in his four years at Brookside High School, where his athletic highlights included being selected first team All-Ohio Safety in football (50 pounds ago), and throwing a no-hitter against Trinity High School in baseball. Luke still plays baseball at Baldwin-Wallace University as a pitcher and first string camera mule. He thoroughly enjoys competing on his summer baseball team, the Ohio Sting, where he does his best Bob Wickman impression. He is entering his senior year at B-W and majors in history. Mr. Ackerman is engaged to his lovely fiancé, Katie. Luke does not tweet because, as he says, “only birds tweet,” but you can e-mail him at bigluke2811@gmail.com. Now Luke is a former writer but he occasionally puts things on the blog. For a good time, call him at 867-5309.


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