Fantasy Football Rankings QB

After much research and dawdling around my fantasy football quarterback rankings are complete. Just know that I’m using ESPN standard scoring, the average draft positions (ADP) are from‘s ADP database and that when I talk about a QBs schedule I’m using‘s QB strength of schedule tool. Thanks and enjoy the article.

  1. Andrew Luck– Best Game: 32 Worst Game: 0 Average Game: 21 ADP: 1.11 (1st) Last year I loved Andrew Luck and targeted him in all of my league around the fourth or fifth round. I liked because I knew that his schedule was very easy. This year is much the same as Luck faces the weak NFC South along with Jacksonville and Tennessee twice. This schedule advantage and the addition Andre Johnson and Frank Gore give him the edge over Rodgers in my rankings.
  2. Aaron Rodgers– Best Game: 36 Worst Game: 5 Average Game: 21.375 ADP: 2.10 (2nd) Rodgers schedule is a bit tougher, but there is no reason he shouldn’t finish outside the top 5 quarterbacks next year even with Jordy Nelson out. Just wouldn’t take him until late second round. Lots of other good QBs will be available later.
  3. Drew Brees– Best Game: 27 Worst Game: 9 Average Game: 18.125 ADP: 5.05 (6th) There is a lot to like about Drew Brees for this upcoming year. For one he was the most consistent quarterback last year. He was the only quarterback last year who was a top 24 QB in every week he played. His only issue was the lack of big games. I think that will change with a healthy Brandin Cooks and a revamped line. The Saints also go up against a much friendlier schedule this year. Despite losing Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills I still feel Drew Brees will finish the year a top 5 quarterback and is a great value in the fourth or fifth round.
  4. Russell Wilson– Best Game: 31 Worst Game: 2 Average Game: 18.5 ADP: 5.11 (5th) Last season Wilson finished 3rd in fantasy points last year. He had a lot of variance in his scores along with a few bad games. This year he seems like a safe option to repeat. Adding Jimmy Graham gives Wilson his first real passing weapon. The only issue is that his team remains a run first team. Overall I feel he’s a decent pick in the fifth round, but I’d rather have Drew Brees.
  5. Peyton Manning– Best Game: 31 Worst Game: 2 Average Game: 19.188 ADP: 4.07 (3rd) No quarterback had a bigger split between his first 8 games and his last 8 games than Peyton Manning. The first 8 games he was sitting pretty as the second most productive QB in football. But from his ninth game on he was only the 13th best quarterback whose average was worse than players like Joe Flacco or his brother Eli. These issues could easily carry over to this season. Manning lost Julius Thomas and Wes Welker over the off-season and left tackle Ryan Clady tore his ACL. He’ll also playing in a new offense. There are many questions surrounding Peyton Manning this year, so it will probably be best to avoid him even though its very possible he has another good year.
  6. Matt Ryan– Best Game: 30 Worst Game: 6 Average Game: 16.75 ADP: 6.12 (7th) Matt Ryan reminds me a lot of Drew Brees this year. His Offensive line is back and healthy, he faces a very easy schedule especially around the fantasy playoffs, and he seems primed to breakout in Kyle Shanahan’s new offense. Shanahan plans on using the run more to take pressure off Ryan. And when passing Shanahan has said he wants stretch the field vertically with Julio Jones. Matt Ryan is the best of the tier 3 QBs and has real top 5 QB potential.
  7. Ben Roethlisberger– Best Game: 44 Worst Game: 6 Average Game: 18.438 ADP: 5.11 (6th) I’m really not a fan of Ben Roethlisberger this year. For one he wasn’t that great last year save for his 2 amazing games in week 8 and 9. If you take those two outliers out his points per game drops below such players as Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco, and Philip Rivers. He also faces the toughest schedule for any quarterback. Despite having great weapons Ben Roethlisiberger faces many obstacles to stay a top 5 quarterback.
  8. Tony Romo– Best Game: 26 Worst Game: 3 Average Game: 17.2 ADP: 7.03 (8th) Last year Tony Romo was a great real life quarterback but only a mediocre fantasy QB. This year I expect him to improve his touchdown rate now that DeMarco Murray is gone. Murray’s 62 red zone touches were 2nd most in the league and I expect most of those plays to now go to the passing game. I expect Tony Romo to post better numbers than last year and be a steady QB1 if he stays healthy.
  9. Tom Brady– Best Game: 34 Worst Game: 3 Average Game: 16.188 ADP: 7.08 (9th) One of the more difficult players to rank. He finished last year as the 8th most productive QB, but between weeks 5 and 16 he was a top 4 QB. It also doesn’t help that he’s been dealing with all of the Deflategate drama instead of focusing on football. There are better options at quarterback, I’d let someone else run the risk of getting Brady.
  10. Ryan Tannehill– Best Game: 29 Worst Game: 8 Average Game: 16.625 ADP: 8.07 (12th) Here’s a plan for players playing in 10 team ESPN leagues: Wait until the 12th-13th round to take a QB and take Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill was the 9th highest scoring QB last year plus he was one of the most consistent only posting 1 dud (outside top 24 QBs for that week) game. Tannehill should only improve in his second year in Bill Lazor’s up tempo offense especially with all the quality additions such as DeVante Parker, Kenny Stills and Jordan Cameron. Be sure to keep your eye on reports throughout the season though as the Dolphins line does not have much depth and any injuries or a slow recovery by stud left tackle Branden Albert could hinder the offense and limit Tannehill’s upside.
  11. Matthew Stafford– Best Game: 29 Worst Game: 3 Average Game: 14.813 ADP: 8.02 (10th) There are a lot of reasons to be down on Stafford this year. For one his fantasy totals have decreased over the last 3 years. And Lion’s head coach Jim Caldwell said there is no way Stafford will throw more this year than last. The one good thing is that he has a healthy Calvin Johnson.
  12. Philip Rivers– Best Game: 27 Worst Game: -3 Average Game: 15.875 ADP: 9.12 (14th) Rivers had an interesting season last year. He started out hot averaging 20 points a game over his first 8 games but then averaged less than 12 over his last 8. This was likely due to a bulging disk he was dealing with. Now there is some reason for optimism now that he is healthy and could have a solid running game with the addition of Melvin Gordon.
  13. Eli Manning– Best Game: 32 Worst Game: 5 Average Game: 16.438 ADP: 8.10 (12th) Lot positive going on with Eli Manning. The emergence of Odell Beckham and playing in his second year under coordinator Ben McAdoo. It’s just hard to trust him week to week due to his inconsistency.
  14. Sam Bradford– Best Game: Injured Worst Game: N/A Average Game: N/A, ADP: 8.02 (11th) Last year Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles combines for 245 fantasy points which would have been good for 14th best in the league. Now Sam Bradford has the opportunity to exceed those numbers. Bradford has always been a talented QB but was plagued by injuries, poor receivers, and traditional offenses during his time with the Rams. Now he has the opportunity to play in the spread system where he excelled at in college. His receivers are improved from what he had with the Rams (anything is an improvement over Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens, and Austin Pettis) but are still below average. If he can stay healthy Bradford will be a good consistent QB2 and he is a great option if you planning on juggling QBs cause he starts out the year with a really easy schedule.
  15. Joe Flacco– Best Game: 32 Worst Game: 4 Average Game: 15.566 ADP: 12.07 (18th) Last year Flacco was the 13th best fantasy QB. Now Flacco has renown QB whisperer Marc Trestman as his offensive coordinator affording him more opportunities to go down field. The bad news is that he lost receiver Torrey Smith, Steve Smith really slowed down in the second half and I don’t think that rookies Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams will be able to pick up enough slack. Making it even tougher is that the Ravens have a difficult schedule for QBs especially late in the season. In the last 5 weeks Flacco will face Miami on the road, Seattle, Kansas City, the Steelers, and the Bengals on the road.
  16. Cam Newton– Best Game: 35 Worst Game: 4 Average Game: 16.929 ADP: 10.08 (15th) I don’t expect Cam Newtons rushing totals to go improve to what they were in years past. I also don’t believe Cam Newton has the weapons to be a consistent fantasy quarterback. Does have a pretty easy schedule to work with so there is some hope. Update: Cam Newton loses 6 places with the injury of Kelvin Benjamin. The Panthers may now the worst set of WRs in the league. Newton should not be considered a QB1 and is only a decent QB2 pick because of his rushing.
  17. Jameis Winston– Best Game: Rookie Worst Game: N/A Average Game: N/A, ADP: 15.04 (21st) I absolutely love Jameis Winston this year. First reason I love Jameis is because of his weapons. Mike Evans proved that he is an explosive threat in his first season and Vincent Jackson is a consistent deep threat and red-zone target. Second is the coaching staff around him. Usually a rookie QB comes into the league with an inexperienced head coach and/or an unproven offensive coordinator, but not Jameis, he starts out with Love Smith who has loads of experience as the head coach, and Dirk Koetter whose offensive system did very well in Atlanta. It also helps that the Bucs pieces work great with Koetter’s up-tempo vertical offense. Third is his schedule. In this write-up I mention a lot of player’s schedule and how they will help or hurt them, but no one has an easier schedule than Jameis does. And finally Jameis Winston is just a good quarterback. Some scouts felt he was the most NFL ready QB since Luck, only his off field issues were questions. Jameis Winston has amazing upside and could be selected in the late rounds or picked up after the first week on waivers.
  18. Teddy Bridgewater– Best Game: 22 Worst Game: 2 Average Game: 13 ADP: 11.01 (16th) There seems to be a bit of a Teddy Bridgewater hype train going on. I’m not hopping on because I don’t trust any of the Vikings receivers  and the team should be running a lot in the red zone.
  19. Colin Kaepernick– Best Game: 28 Worst Game: 1 Average Game: 14.625 ADP: 13:11 (18thth) The Niners could be the worst team in the league this year. His only value is his scrambling ability which could give him some decent fill-in weeks.
  20. Andy Dalton– Best Game: 26 Worst Game: -3 Average Game: 13.125 ADP: 16:11 (23rd) In 2013 he was the 5th highest scoring QB in the NFL. Has a little upside with weapons returning but I’m expecting the Bengals to be a more ground based team.
  21. Carson Palmer– Best Game: 21 Worst Game: 7 Average Game: 16.83 ADP: 11.07 (17th) Some would say he’s a sleeper based on his performance in the games he played, but I don’t feel all that comfortable with an aging injury prone quarterback as my QB2.
  22. Marcus Mariota- Best Game: Rookie Worst Game: N/A Average Game: N/A, ADP: 15.11 (22nd) Mariota was put in a much worse scenario than Jameis. Mariota’s weapons are weak, his schedule is difficult and coaches are less experienced in dealing with mobile QBs. But the one thing Mariota does have is great scrambling ability which could make him a high variance QB2 or a potential bye week replacement.
  23. Alex Smith– Best Game: 21 Worst Game: 4 Average Game: 13.66 ADP: NA Alex Smith had the lowest standard deviation of any of the top 32 QBs. In other words he is consistent and unspectacular.
  24. Tyrod Taylor- Best Game: 0 Worst Game: 0 Average Game: 0 ADP: 14:05 (20th) He won the starting job or the Bill and should have multiple 20 point games due to his scrambling ability but will be to inconsistent to start on a regular basis.
  25. Jay Cutler– Best Game: 25 Worst Game: 7 Average Game: 16.266 ADP: 13.12 (19th) Losing Brandon Marshall and Marc Trestman hurts. Perhaps new coordinator Adam Gase can turn him around, but I doubt it.
  26. Nick Foles Best Game: 26 Worst Game: 3 Average Game: 14.125 ADP: NA Going from the high powered Eagles offense to the run first offense of the Rams really hurts his value. It also doesn’t help that he has weak receivers.
  27. Derek Carr– Best Game: 25 Worst Game:2 Average Game: 11.125 ADP: 16:08 (22nd) Showed potential as a quarterback in his rookie season, but his fantasy prospects seem thin this year even with the addition of Amari Cooper.

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