Fun Ideas for the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl Football game sucks and everyone knows it. The players are out on the field are playing slow so they won’t get hurt and it’s just not fun to watch. Plus stars like Peyton Manning often sit out the game to nurse minor injuries. So instead of playing a football game no one wants to play lets look at some other fun activities our lovely NFL Pro Bowlers can take part of.

Karaoke Night: It will be a fun karaoke performance where our favorite stars will sing their favorite song. Ben Roethlisberger will perform the slightly misogynistic “Blurred Lines,” followed by Riley Cooper rapping his favorite NWA song, finished with a stirring rendition of “Young, Wild, and Free” by Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon.

Kickball game: It’d be cool because the kickers would be among the first taken in the draft, plus it’d be nice to see what Odell Beckham would do out in centerfield.

The JJ Watt Oklahoma Drill challenge: Make everyone do an Oklahoma drill against Watt, including the punters! I anticipate this to be as brutal as a Mortal Kombat fatality.

A passionate political debate: So we can hear Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger intelligently discuss what actions are best to take in regards to ISIS (because we all know now Tom Brady likes talking about ISIS). Or Antonio Cromartie and Philip Rivers discuss the women’s right to an abortion. No chance for an NFL PR disaster here, Deadspin I’m sure you’re disappointed.

Beer Pong tournament: I want to see Andrew Luck drunk. That alone would make it worth it. Plus it’d be funny to watch the team of Andy Dalton and Tony Romo never hit the final cup. Plus afterwards everyone can play the dizzy bat game for loads of laughs. And it appears Rob Gronkowski has already brought a keg! Thanks Gronk!

HELL IN A CELL! A feud 14 years in the making, between the bitterest of rivals, will finally be settled at the Pro Bowl pay per view event! PEYTON MANNING! TOM BRADY! NO RULES! INSIDE THE MONSTER KNOWN AS: THE HELL IN THE CELL!!! Come on guys you know you’d watch this, plus we have Jim and John Harbaugh in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match and Luke Kuechly vs JJ Watt in a last man standing match. (If you thought Roman Reigns/Goldberg’s Spear was strong wait til you this.)


Why Does Mark May hate Ohio State.

Here’s a piece about Mark May for the Maxwell project! Be sure to read this and other work done by my fellow BGSU classmates! Thanks!

Maxwell Media Watch

By Paul Duncan

ESPN personality, Mark May has a bitter relationship with Ohio State and it has spiraled out of control. No school’s fans have a bigger rivalry with an analyst than Ohio State and Mark May. First let’s start with why Ohio State fans hate Mark May.

Throughout his tenure as an ESPN personality he has bashed Ohio State at every turn saying they’re not fast, saying they’re overrated, criticizing the NCAA for not punishing Ohio State more, and even saying he’d want to “whack” members of Buckeye fans. Yes he said on his Facebook that he wanted to physically harm “haters from Buckeye Nation.”

These comments have led Ohio State to retaliate by making funny signs, or reminding him on Twitter that he has 2 DUI’s, or that he got arrested for starting a riot, but more often they point to the 72-0 thrashing Ohio State gave May’s Alma…

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Looking back at my Fantasy Football Predictions.

Fantasy Football is something I take a lot of pride in. So after every year I like to take a look back at the predictions I made in writing and the decisions I made in my leagues.

This year I was part of two fantasy leagues (one for money) and in both I finished in 2nd place in both leagues. The one consistent I had for both leagues was my QB Andrew Luck. I was right about everything with Andrew Luck. I saw an easy schedule, weapons and a shaky run game landing Luck in the elite fantasy tier. His performance was key to me getting to the playoffs. Sadly though Andrew Luck is the reason I finished second as his 0 point Week 16 killed his owners shots at a the gold. This was one of my best predictions and its a shame that he had to collapse like he did against the Cowboys. Plus I predicted value from Aaron Rodgers, a decline for Manning, great play from Romo and Wilson, and a decline

On the RB side of things I wasn’t as good. 2 of my favorite RBs stunk in CJ Spiller and Doug Martin. Plus I was down on players like DeMarco Murray, Marshawn Lynch and LeVeon Bell. (The reason for my distrust for Bell was because I assumed he’d get suspended for driving while high and having 20 grams.) But I did do well in my leagues due to to quantity having McCoy, Bernard, Ellington, and Jackson, or in the case of one of my leagues having Lacy, Bell, and Forsett.

At WR I loved Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson and liked Antonio Brown. On my team I had Bryant and Sanders so I did well predicting these guys. One thing I was rather disappointed in was my lack of excitement over Odell Beckham. I was only able to add him in one of my leagues and it was late to say the least. In the other league my rival nabbed him and was key to him winning the gold.

My favorite TEs this past year were Rob Gronkowski and Greg Olsen. The late round TEs I liked were Rudolph and Pitta but sadly they got hurt.

I hit the nail on the head with my defenses. Throughout the year I rotated my defenses to perfection. I started with the Eagles, went to the Browns during the stretch of games where they went against the scum of the league, then picked up the Bill defense before they got hot and rotated between the Bills and Texans for the last half of the year. I had 10 points on defense a majority of the year and it was beautiful.

Overall I feel my predictions were very good, and clearly better than the average fantasy sports writer, especially with my QB predictions.

Why everything you know about Clutch is wrong

Quarterbacks are often praised when they succeed in the fourth quarter or in tight playoff games. But I found 16 interesting stats about Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning regarding their playoff performance that can prove that anyone is clutch or in some cases not clutch.

Tom Brady:

1. Out of the four QBs I mentioned above Tom Brady has the lowest adjusted yards per attempt in the playoffs.

2. Tom Brady started his career with a 10 game playoff winning streak, since then he is 8-8 with 29 touch downs and 19 picks. (6 of those touchdowns came against Tim Tebow and the Broncos)

3. Peyton Manning has more passing yards and passing Tds than Brady in the playoffs despite playing less games.

4. On January 10th 2010 Tom Brady had 4 turnovers and 3 in the 1st quarter as he lost to the Ravens 14-33

Verdict: Tom Brady is a clear example of how the trait of being clutch isn’t consistent. Brady started out as one of the most clutch quarterbacks to ever play the the game, but since then he has been merely average. I blame Gisele.

Joe Flacco:

5: In the same game mentioned above Joe Flacco completed 4 passes for 34 yards and a pick AND STILL WON.

6. In the 2013 playoffs Joe Flacco had one the most epic playoff runs of all time, averaging 285 yards per game to go along with 11 TDs and 0 interceptions

7. During that classic run he added more wins and points his team than any QB since Warner’s Super Bowl winning run in 1999.

8. Joe Flacco is one of two quarterbacks to beat both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the playoffs. The other is Mark Sanchez.

Verdict: I think it’s interesting that Joe Flacco has the highest Adjusted Yard/Attempt out of any of these 4 despite having one of the worst playoff performances of all time.  Really shows how he elevates his game in the playoffs.

Peyton Manning

9. 4 of his worst playoff performances came in 2006, the year he beat the Bears in the Super Bowl. His only decent performance that year came in the epic AFC Championship game against Tom Brady in the playoffs.

10. Peyton Manning’s Adjusted Yards/attempt is better than Tom Brady and Big Ben’s but is not as good as Flacco’s.

11. In the regular season Peyton Manning has 51 game winning drives in 254 games. In the playoffs he only has one in 23 games. (Granted that one was legendary.)

12. Peyton has a 5.9 TD% in the regular season but only 4.2 TD% in the playoffs. Tom Brady’s drop was slightly less with 5.5% in the regular season and 4.5% in the playoffs.

Verdict: Not great in the playoffs but not a horrible choker either. Has lost 4 playoffs games despite having Adjusted yards per attempts over 7. But also didn’t have any in his Super Bowl run. Just shows QB performance doesn’t always correlate with playoff wins.

Ben Roethlisberger

13. Ben Roethlisberger has never won a playoff game in which he threw for 300 yards.

14. In Super Bowl 40 Ben Roethlisberger completed 9 passes in 21 attempts for 123 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in what was the worst performance by a winning QB in Super Bowl history. Even if you consider QBs who lost Big Ben still had the lowest QB rating of any quarterback in the big game.

15. Ben Roethlisberger only had 1 Fourth Quarter Comeback in his postseason career. Granted, it was a good one.

16. Big Ben has 3 playoff wins where his Adjusted Yard/attempt was lower than 5. In comparison Peyton Manning had only 2 games of that nature despite playing in 9 more playoff games.

Verdict: His defense was the primary reason for a majority of Ben’s postseason success. Big Ben is very overrated.

Overall Verdict: Clutch doesn’t happen consistently. One minute you can be one of the most clutch ever, and another you could choke against Mark Sanchez. So this year ignore all the hype about who’s clutch and who isn’t, because in most games it won’t matter much because there are 21 other starters, and many more role players who are likely to make a big impact. In other words when perennial unclutch QBs Andy Dalton and Tony Romo win playoff games this year just know you heard it here first.


Today’s #MemeMonday goes after Kyle Orton who just seems to be sad during his interview.

Despite being an NFL quarterback, Orton still can’t get a date. Probably because he’s ugly.orton in the friendzone





Kyle Orton Didn't pull outOrton found a human being to make love with, but sadly his pull out game was weak. Now the world will be  blessed with ugly Kyle Orton babies.





Orton listens to DrakeThe songs made him want to have a loving relationship with the aforementioned women. Now he’s sad.

Fantasy Football Add Drop for Week 14

It’s playoff time in the world of Fantasy Football! Time to put our best team on the field and win the gold. Here are some general tips for fantasy football.

Time to drop your backup QB and TE. Don’t waste roster spots on players you don’t need.

Add your best players handcuff: And injury to your best player hurts your team even more and its essential to get some value if that happens.

Load up on defenses: Have your defenses scheduled until the the last week. Having the right D can be the difference between gold and silver.


1. Johnny Manziel- If he starts he will immediately become a QB 1 due to his rushing numbers. If you have a low end QB Johnny’s definitely worth a look.

2. Kenny Stills- He’s looking like the number 2 option in this explosive passing attack. Great flex play for the rest of the year.

3. Marion Grice- Good back who could get a lot of carries now that Andre Ellington got hurt. Also look at Stepfan Taylor, who could get the goal line carries.

4. Houston Defense- They play Jacksonville 2 times in the next 4 weeks.

5. Doug Martin- Well apparently Doug Martin is good again. As always he has potential, if he can stay healthy.\

6. Stedman Bailey-  Another Rams WR who seems to be showing potential.


1. Cordarrelle Patterson- Isn’t even playing that much somehow. Easy drop.

2. Jonas Gray-  He goes from having 200 yards and 4 TDs in one game two 1 carry in two games. Ughhh Belichick.


This weeks Meme takes jabs at everyone’s favorite womanizing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Ben happy about cookiesWell it appears that Ben’s mommy made some cookies for Ben because he was a good boy which doesn’t happen often.




Ben consentLets’s give Ben credit. Consent actually crossed his mind. But sadly booty trumps everything. Hopefully she has pepper spray.




Sudden moment of Clarity BenSome people think that football players only think about a football while they are playing, but that is clearly not the case with Ben as he finally figured why his favorite movie never got that long awaited sequel.