Fantasy Football Mock Draft

On August 12th I did a fantasy football mock draft with Walter Cherepinsky of WalterFootball and some of his Twitter followers. I had a blast and feel my team would compete in this league. (Draft charts are from plus you can read his opinion on this draft right here.)

FF 1-5








Rounds 1-2

My Picks:  In the first round I drafted LeSean McCoy 2 picks before his Average Draft Position (ADP). It was between him and Matt Forte but I decided to take McCoy because he has a higher upside.  Next I took Rob Gronkowski. I feel Gronk is a bit undervalued here, plus I feel that Gronk gives me a huge edge over every other team at the TE position.

Best Picks: I really like how WalterFootball was able to grab Jeremy Hill and Odell, no one did better with their 1st two picks. Some other good picks were Matt Forte who only falls to 2.04 4% of the time, Calvin Johnson, and Andrew Luck.

Worst Picks: I really don’t like CJ Anderson. I feel that any RB without a full productive season and a new offense is a huge risk. I also believe that team Tiny Sauce should have taken Randall Cobb instead of Alshon Jeffery.

Rounds 3-4

My Picks: I was praying Brandin Cooks  would fall to me but the auto drafted team in front of me nabbed him. Instead I got DeAndre Hopkins who did well last year despite poor QB play, and now he won’t have to compete with Andre Johnson for targets. Plus Arian Foster will be hurt for awhile, giving Hopkins more opportunities. In the fourth round I didn’t like any of the RBs so I took another WR2 with great upside in Jordan Matthews.

Best Picks: I really like how Tiny Sauce was able to grab Lamar Miller. Gives him the best set of RBs in the league. Kelvin Benjamin is a steal at 4:06 and he gives Better Unborn the best group of WRs in the league.

Worst Picks- I’m pretty sure team 4 was on auto-pick or something because it is just silly for 1 team to draft a QB and 2 of his WRs in the first 4 rounds. The LaGarrette Blount pick was a huge reach as there was a good chance he’d be available 22 picks later when Walt drafts again. Like Walt, I really don’t like the Martavis Bryant pick. He isn’t even listed as a starting WR and the Steelers face a really tough schedule this year. Bryant will be a huge bust at that spot. Also not a huge fan of Kelce, I feel that if you don’t take Gronk or Graham its best to wait until the later rounds because I’m not anticipating much difference between Kelce and say Jason Witten in non-PPR leagues.


ff 5-8









My Picks: Sheldon’s Bentley stole my pick again nabbing Doug Martin. Instead I selected Andre Ellington more than a round later than average. I’m not a big fan of Ellington this year but his value and my need at RB made it an easy pick. In the 6th round I grabbed Vincent Jackson who is one of my favorite mid round receivers.

Best Picks: I was considering picking Drew Brees with my 5th round pick so I have to give team 11 props fro drafting him. Team 11 also got real value taking Ameer Abdullah next round.

Worst Picks: Ben Roethlisberger is very overrated this year so Blash taking him feels like a huge mistake. Same with Jimbob who drafted Cam Newton 1 and half rounds before average. Arian Foster also feels like a reach. I don’t feel any player who’s likely to miss half the season deserves a pick before the 8th round. The Brandon Marshall was a steal according ADP but I highly doubt he will have any type of success in the Jets offense.


My Picks: I wanted to draft Charles Johnson, but the computer gave me Coleman instead. It’s a shame since I really don’t like Coleman because I question his ability to run in a zone scheme. Last year I was hyping up Charles Johnson as a super sleeper for the Browns and my prediction came true, albeit with the Vikings. Now I get a decent WR 4 with some potential if the Vikings can overcome their tough schedule. (From here on out I drafted as if Charles Johnson was my pick.) In the eighth round I took Ryan Mathews. I am really excited because odds are Murray will get hurt at some point during the season, and Ryan Mathews excels at running out of the shotgun formation that the Eagles love to use.

Best Picks: Nothing too great, but the Gio Bernard, Alfred Blue, and Roddy White were good picks.

Worst Picks: Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady were quite reaches but they pale in comparison for the reach of Eli Manning. On average Eli Manning is the 11th QB taken but Better Unborn took him ahead of a guy like Matt Ryan who’s usually taken 2 rounds earlier. Poor move on his part.










My Picks: I nabbed a high upside WR in Davante Adams in the ninth round. I’m really hoping he can do better than last years trendy Packer WR pick, Jarrett Boykin. Then I finally took a QB in Ryan Tannehill in tenth. I feel waiting was a great strategy and that Tannehill will be a serviceable QB. 11th round I took Brian Quick, mostly because  I knew Walt liked him and because he seems like a good high upside WR5. In the 12th round I drafted Charles Sims. I really like the Bucs this year because of their easy schedule and feel that if anything happened to Doug Martin Sims could step up and be a RB2.

Best Picks: Tony Romo was a great pick in the ninth round. I also thought every pick between my Adams and Tannehill pick were good, especially Anquan Boldin. Jason Witten was an amazing steal in the 11th round. Marques Colston and Terrance Williams were other good picks.

Worst Picks: A lot of people took defenses too soon besides that I feel that Roy Helu, Reggie Bush, and Carson Palmer were poor picks. The worst pick was probably Kevin White but that’s just because he got hurt after the draft.








My Picks: The one player I knew I wanted was Jameis Winston and I knew he’d be there at 14 so I just drafted the best kicker in the game. Jameis is one of my favorite picks this year and you can check my QB rankings to find out why. Last round I took Baltimore’s defense. Baltimore’s defense has always been good and I hope they can do well enough, and if not I can just take another defense.

Best Picks: Cameron Artis-Payne, Marvin Jones, Markus Wheaton, and Kenny Stills were all good high upside picks.

Worst Picks: It’s kind of hard to say cause there really aren’t any bad picks this late, but if I had to choose I’d say that Michael Crabtree is a stretch to make any real contributions.

My Team: Starters

QB: Ryan Tannehill

RB1: LeSean McCoy

RB2: Andre Ellington

WR1: DeAndre Hopkins

WR2: Jordan Matthews

WR3: Vincent Jackson

TE: Rob Gronkowski

D/ST: Baltimore

K: Stephen Gostkowski


QB2: Jameis Winston

RB3: Ryan Mathews

RB4: Charles Sims

WR4: Charles Johnson

WR5: Davante Adams

WR6: Brian Quick

Looking back at my team the one thing I’d change would be taking Tre Mason instead of Charles Johnson. I feel my team is too low on RB depth and really high on WR depth. Besides that I feel like I did a good job on my draft. I got a good RB1 the best TE in the game along with 3 good receivers. I’m a little week at RB2 but most everyone is. Overall I feel that my team has a lot of high upside players and if just a few breakout I will contend for the championship.